About Us

MarketCappers wants to be the premier marketplace for casual bettors and sports handicappers. We have two goals: (1) to see the average joe not only win but WIN BIG, and (2) to assist handicappers scale their businesses to new heights.


Well... who is behind MarketCappers? Just three old high school buddies who like to watch and bet (full-blown degenerate status) on sports. One day after paying our bookie for the umpteenth time, it dawned on us that we should pay for picks to help us win some of that money back; HOWEVER, it was a disaster. There are thousands of cappers in the world, but the market is fragmented. We couldn't find a single website that allowed us to scroll through a list of cappers and review their past picks, record, and strength by sport. All we found was Twitter (don't get me wrong, we love Twitter but no). Using Twitter to search for cappers was a "hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck" (thanks Jake Tapper). It took ages to source a list of solid cappers, and once you started a deep dive on that list, you soon realized that each capper has his/her own individual pricing policy AND most lie about their actual records!


We were losing faith in the system when the proverbial light bulb moment occurred and MarketCappers became reality - a marketplace that allows bettors to compare handicappers on a single platform and subscribe to such cappers at an affordable price point. If you're not happy with them, unsubscribe and subscribe to someone else. MarketCappers is not only for bettors though - we want cappers to be successful as well. We will track your picks and record for you, and as you become more successful, your audience should grow as well (which means more $$$ in your pocket). We want to be there as you scale your business to levels that you never imagined.




Enjoy, and please subscribe responsibly!